Blue Drop, Green Drop and No Drop Water Management Systems Workshop


This workshop will tackle and confront the critical challenges surrounding our water management systems and the urgency of enhancing water security. Your participation can make a meaningful impact on shaping sustainable solutions for a water-resilient future.
The recent Blue Drop and No Drop reports highlight a decline in the quality of drinking water and a rise in non-revenue water since the issuance of the last reports in 2014. Additionally, the Green Drop Progress Assessment Report signals a degradation in the effectiveness of municipal wastewater treatment systems. As per the Blue Drop Report of 2023 released by the Dept of Water and Sanitation; “Twenty-six water supply systems scored more than 95% and qualified for the prestigious Blue Drop Certification. In 2014, 44 WSS were awarded Blue Drop status. This indicates an overall decline in excellence between 2014 and 2023. Of the 958 WSS, 277 (29%) located in 62 WSAs were identified to be in a critical state of performance. In 2014, 174 WSS in 33 WSAs were found to be in a critical state of performance. This indicates that there has been an overall increase in the number of systems in a critical state of performance between 2014 and 2023”.

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