Dam Safety-Critical Controls, Case  Histories and Current Developments

VENUE: Protea Balalaika Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg and Live Online.

Course Outline

Dams and their appurtenant structures are unique and complex systems built for a variety of reasons including flood protection, power generation, irrigation, solid waste storage and recreation. The importance of dam safety to the mining industrial, infrastructure, and energy sectors of the South African economy cannot be over-emphasized. Various regulatory and industry practices exist for dam design, operation, maintenance and surveillance. However, loss of appropriate controls, from the time of initial design through to long-term operations, continue to result in dam safety incidents and failures. This course will provide an overview of emerging dam safety standards and issues, controls and critical controls, critical control management, identification of hazards and failure modes, and the basics of performance-based, risk-informed design and operation. Several supporting case histories will be presented to illustrate these concepts.

Course Objectives

  • Dam Safety: Introduction, Basics and Critical Concepts
  • Hazards and Failure Modes
  • Setting Performance Standards and Objectives
  • Critical Control Management
  • Selected Case Histories
  • Risk Informed Decision Making and Risk Analyses
  • Ongoing Developments in Dam Safety
  • Course Summary and List of Major Takeaways