Intensive Master Class on Effective Community and Stakeholder Management

VENUE: Emperors Palace, Johannesburg

About the workshop:

A stakeholder is a person, group or organization that has an interest in an organization, because they are affected by its operations or can affect Its operations. Stakeholders have an impact on every organization, public or private sector – some are internal, others are external, but the higher priority stakeholders must be engaged, their expectations understood, and strategies developed, planned and implemented to recognize and address their concerns.  All groups of stakeholders must be recognized and treated equitably, as part of good governance.  Stakeholder management involves both hard and soft skills, with some understanding of human nature, culture and communications added, finished off with the ability to influence and negotiate with integrity.

The Masterclass in Strategic and Effective Stakeholder Management will equip you with the knowledge and capacity to correctly identify and analyse stakeholders, evaluate and prioritise vested interests, and manage relevant relationships in your organisation’s business environment.

Course Objectives & Benefits of Attending:

Objectives: To equip organisational leaders with the skills and competencies to develop stakeholder management strategies and management plans, to conduct effective stakeholder engagement and to manage stakeholder risks

Benefits: To better understand, learn and explore the opportunities of stakeholder management, to be better equipped to deal with stakeholder challenges and risks and to be able to develop and deliver world-class stakeholder management and engagement strategies, programs and initiatives

In short, the masterclass will help you:

Drive results and benefits through effective collaboration

Improve communication and influencing skills

Prioritise time and organize resources effectively

Generate buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders

Remove obstacles to progress and success

Draw on a range of experience and techniques for influencing people

Develop a reputation as a key player and influencer.

Value Add:  Not only will you be exposed to extensive case studies, tools and techniques but the mix of interaction, discussion, and exercises will help you integrate theoretical knowledge with real life examples and practical examples and practices.

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