Maintenance Planning of Water and Wastewater infrastructure training (” the MPWWI” training)

 Virtual Training 

With the current water restrictions and water scarcity problems in South Africa, the CSC team together with its expert facilitators have developed the MPWWI training in order to assist your organisation and/or your organisation’s clients with the management of water and water systems as well as the maintenance of existing wastewater infrastructure.

The South African water system is experiencing immense pressure as a result of water mismanagement as well as deteriorating infrastructure, some of which is attributable to natural disasters within the country. As a result of this, we are offering training that will provide you with the necessary insights and risk management skills that will ensure that you can identify and develop water management plans as well as wastewater / recycled water treatments tailored to the systems found in South Africa. In addition to this, we will be sharing information pertaining to water asset management.

To get more information in respect of the MPWWI training see the brochure with the course outline and all the pertinent information.  Maintenance Planning of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure_Clara Stella