Solid Waste Management Hybrid Conference – “Identifying the Value in the Waste”

VENUE:  The Hilton Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg.


With increasing population, urbanization and expanding economic activities, solid waste disposal and management is a challenge in Africa. Waste is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world today, and the future of solid waste management depends on every single individual. Although government authorities, leaders of the nations, municipalities and local communities are working hard to manage the extensive amount of waste generated every day, a radical change in mindset at an individual level is the need of the hour. On a broader note, improper waste disposal and management, which includes public littering, lack of waste segregation, uncontrolled collection and disposal and poor waste treatment practices, have greatly impacted the world.

This conference on Solid Waste Management will enlighten the state of the art in technology, organizational and legislative developments and practices of handling solid wastes globally. An in-depth of the financial burdens and benefits as well as solutions to transforming African economies to sustainable and circular models will be discussed.

The presentations will help the delegates to make informed decisions in their professional activities, it will assist them in defining and implementing integrated solutions to the challenges posed by solid wastes in urban environment. The conference will support participants to establish a solid waste management system that is capable of functioning not only in situations where sufficient resources are available but also under the more challenging conditions usually prevailing in cities in low-income countries.

The conference seeks to highlight and address alternatives to revolutionize what we do with garbage. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Rethink solid waste and landfill management, they should no longer be considered as static end-stations for obsolete materials, but rather as dynamic resource reservoirs to be unlocked, and bring about a more sustainable environment for future generations.

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