The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), as a part of its Contaminated Site Cleanup Information programmes, has produced a series of two page fact sheets which summarize clean up methods used at Superfund and other sites. The fact sheets answer six questions: – 1) What is it? 2) How does it work? 3) How long does it take? 4) Is it safe? 5) How might it affect me? and 6) Why use it?

There are 22 fact sheets in total covering topics such as:- Activated Carbon Treatment; Air Stripping; Bioremediation; Capping; Ecological revitalisation; Evapotranspiration Covers; Excavation of Contaminated Land; Fracturing for Site Cleanup; Greener Cleanups; In situ Chemical Oxidisation; In situ Thermal Treatment; Incineration; Monitored Natural Attenuation; Permeable Reactive Barriers; Phytoremediation; Pump and Treat; Soil Vapour Extraction and Ar Sparging; Solidification and Stabilisation; Thermal Desorption; Vapour Intrusion mitigation; and Vertical Engineering Barriers.

These fact sheets are useful basic explanations but do not replace expert knowledge and experience. The fact sheets can be downloaded in PDF format either here or here.