13 - 16 Aug 2019 - Durban

Water & Waste Water Treatment Workshop

13 – 16 August 2019

Venue: Elangeni Southern Sun Hotel, Durban.

By attending this Course for this extensive duration the participants will get knowledge of:

-How to assess/Analyze the existing water treatment Plant Performance that they have,

-How to design or check the existing plant Design and validate.

-How to design : Clarifiers, Sand and Activated carbon filters, Ion Exchange Cation/Anion/Mixed bed Units and Reverse Osmosis Units.

– How to understand the exact sizing, designing and maintenance aspects of the WTP expansion needs.

-How to improve the performance (saving on manpower and operation cost) of any Ion Exchange /Reverse osmosis Plant

-How to be aware the Environmental facts of any Water treatment Plant

-Introduction to zero Liquid Discharge and Effluent Treatment Methods for Waste Water.

Contact: Fredrick : Tel: 011 026 0431


14 - 16 Aug 2019 - Johannesburg

Root Cause Analysis Masterclass

14 – 16 August 2019

Venue:- The Aviator Hotel, O R Tambo, Johannesburg.

Contact: Godfrey - Manager: Customer Services and Operations Nduna Project Consulting : Tel: 011 037 3122 / 010 218 3109
Fax: 086 571 5775:

training@npcct.co.za | More Information Here

20 - 22 Aug 2019 - Centurion

Advanced 3 Day Environmental Workshop

20 – 22 August 2019

Venue:- Implex Training 257 Jean Avenue, Central Office Park, Building No 2, Centurion.

What this workshop focuses on?

  • Knowledge of and insight into key terminology, concepts and principles used in the application of environmental law;
  • Understanding of and insight into the core statutory requirements that have to be complied with in terms of NEMA and SEMAs;
  • Knowledge of new and updated legislation including the ‘One Environmental Management System;
  • Update on changes and proposed changes to the Environmental Legislation.
Contact Anne-Marie van Rensburg at Implex Training: Tel: 012 644 0047
Cell: 082 333 3107:


20 - 22 Aug 2019 - Durban

Sustainable and Efficient Facilities Management course

20 – 22 August 2019

Venue:- Durban. (Please confirm the venue with the organisers)

This course is aimed at Facilities Managers, Building Efficiency Champions and their team members who are keen to enhance their facilities’ environmental, social and financial performance.

Often the simplest and easiest way to implement solutions can have the most positive impact on the environment. We will share a process to systematically assess potential areas for improvement and how to develop and implement appropriate and feasible upgrades.

The course is packed with practical and easy to understand examples which can be implemented immediately.

Key focus areas in addition to energy and water efficiency are waste management, healthy work environments, sustainable procurement, project management and stakeholder management.

Participants will also learn how to conduct financial assessments of recommended solutions and will get a good understanding of how to quantify the return on investment (ROI) of each solution.

Contact: Bianca Lindemann : Tel: 011 568 0768
Cell: 082 424 5540:


21 - 23 Aug 2019 - Limpopo

IAIAsa 2019 National Conference

Dates: 21-23 August 2019

Venue: ATKV Klein Kariba, Bela-Bela, Limpopo Province

Information here

Registration here

27 - 29 Aug 2019 - Stellenbosch

Water Governance Training Course

27 – 29 August 2019

Venue: Western Cape (near Stellenbosch) (Please check the exact location with the organisers).

This three-day course has been designed to facilitate understanding of the principles of Water Governance from a Human Rights perspective, and covers international water governance approaches, sustainable water resource management initiatives, and the implementation of measures in South Africa through statutes such as the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA), the National Water Act (NWA), the Water Services Act (WSA), the NEM: Waste Act, the NEM: Integrated Coastal Management Act (ICMA), and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA), the relevant regulations made under these laws, as well as their respective requirements for authorisation. It furthermore focusses on facilitating understanding of water use authorisation and the circumstances under which a water use license (WUL) is required, as well as of the process to apply for (and amend) a WUL. Practical aspects associated with the substantive and procedural issues around WULs, as currently described in regulations, procedures and guidelines of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), including the preparation of specific documents such as Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMPs), and regulatory requirements for water quantity and quality monitoring, as well as the auditing of compliance with WUL-conditions, and the amendment of an incorrect WUL, are also addressed.

For more information on this training workshop please visit the CBSS website

Contact Carin Bosman: Cell: 082 803 2384

training@cbosss.com | More Information Here

27 - 28 Aug 2019 - Durban

Pollution Management & Effects on Climate Change

27 – 28 August 2019

Venue:- Durban (Please check the exact venue with the organisers’)

This Course will further explore the effects of river pollution and then leads students into the subject of eutrophication in lakes caused by nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus additives from sewage and other contaminants. A review of waste and other possible contaminations will be described as they relate to air pollution and source control. An explanation of air pollution control and the devices used for decontamination (including gravity settling chambers, cyclones, etc.) will also be provided. Environmental laws and the future of environmental pollution control are considered, as well.

Moreover, topics that range from the latest climate research and impacts to the regulatory processes pertinent to greenhouse gasses will be covered with illustrations on how the principles of responsible leadership can be practically applied to the climate change debate, and enable delegates to approach the challenges of climate change systematically from various perspectives in own context.

Contact: Brian at Mike & Ian Consulting: Tel: 011 326 0139 or 011 886 1336 / 011 074 7277 / 072 046 5364
Fax: 068 664 3559:


28 - 29 Aug 2019 - Midrand

African Water Leakage Summit

28 to 29 August 2019

Venue:- DBSA Vulindlela Auditorium in Midrand, Gauteng

This Summit provides a platform to share innovative ideas and world-class case studies around water leakage management, demand management and water conservation in Africa.

Click HERE to register.

Contact: Constance Makola : Phone: 012 346 3496


29 - 30 Aug 2019 - Johannesburg

Water and Sanitation Planning and Resource Management

29 – 30 August 2019

Venue:- The Diya Mahal, 355 Vine Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg

Contact: Dalron Jamaloodeen at Global Prospectus Development Institute: Tel: 011 781 6222
Fax: 011 781 6044: Cell: 062 354 8993

dalron@gpdi.co.za | info@gpdinstitute.com