26 Mar 2020 - Johannesburg

Terra Firma Academy – on-line courses x 3

Terra Firma Academy has developed three of our most sought-after courses, into e-Learning courses.

To enrol in our online courses, please visit us online.

For a limited period, we are offering all three online courses at a discount rate of 50% .

You can access our courses by visiting our online platform, alternatively, follow below information for the three courses available online.

Carbon Footprint Analyst

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Accreditation: SACNASP: 2 Credits 16 Hour Online course

The course offers learners the following skills:

How to conduct a carbon footprint assessment in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

An understanding of the economic effects of climate change on industry sectors

Understand carbon reduction opportunities and options to mitigate your tax risk

Access to data gathering tools

Setting Boundaries

Data Quality Control

Verification and creating reports

In-depth case studies

Energy Efficiency Management

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Accreditation: SAIEE 1.5 CPD Credits: 18 Hour Online course

The course offers learners the following skills:

Understanding energy efficiency,

Measurement and reduction of energy consumption

The ability to systematically assess problematic energy areas

The ability to recommend appropriate solutions (technology and behaviour) for ineffective energy usage

Conducting financial assessments

Assessing solutions to maximise return on investment

Solar PV Feasibility Assessment

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Accreditation: SAIEE 1.5 CPD Credits: 16 Hour Online course

Take note that this course is the first offer of our 3 solar PV courses available, and it is the best starting point for anyone wanting to pursue a career in solar PV.

The course offers the following skills:

A basic understanding of solar PV

Understanding the various components that are found in a solar PV system

Ability to conduct a feasibility study for residential and commercial solar PV solutions

Calculating initial costing and energy yields using modelling software and climate data

Understanding of the design considerations to be considered when designing a solar PV system

31 - 01 Apr 2020 - Johannesburg

The Water Show Africa

Venue:-  Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg

To find out more at: The Water Show Africa 2020

31 - 02 Apr 2020 - Cape Town

Water Efficiency Management

Venue:- Hotel Verde, 15 Michigan Street, Airport Industria, Cape Town.

Aquire knowledge and skills to manage water efficiently. This course is aimed at individuals who want to build a career advising businesses on how to measure and reduce their water consumption immediately, and for those who want to extend their immediate skill sets in order to be able to implement an in-house water management strategy.

The course focuses on teaching learners how to systematically assess water usage within all types of organisations and to recommend appropriate solutions (technology & behaviour). Learners will be able to conduct financial assessments of each solution and will get a strong understanding of how to recommend solutions that maximise the customer’s return on investment.

Areas of focus in this course include legislation analysis, bill & tariff assessment, water audit planning, water monitoring devices, flow measurement calculations, building water flow diagrams for an organisation, water quality assessment needs, water management strategy development and writing a water audit report.

Contact: Terra Firma Academy : Tel: 011 568 0768


31 - 01 Apr 2020 - Johannesburg

The Solar Show

Venue:- Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

This show is intentionally designed to inspire and encourage knowledge exchange, project opportunities and to showcase disruptors who promise solutions that are transforming how energy is supplied in Africa.

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31 - 01 Apr 2020 - Johannesburg

Power & Electricity World Africa 2020

Venue:- Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

Built on 23 years of history, Power & Electricity World Africa is about innovation, investment and infrastructure – energy for the people! The conference is a C-level platform that focuses on global trends and practical innovative energy applications as well as how market players can capitalise on business opportunities across the continent. This is the place where the energy community finds solutions to its challenges.

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