Water Monitoring Data Visualisation and Graphing Solution

Carin Bosman of CBSS is currently developing software, called LEGUAAN®, that will provide a service to effortlessly turn water quality and quantity monitoring data into graphs and reports that can be understood by management and other stakeholders, including government agencies, which means environmental data becomes a valuable business- and water resource management tool.

LEGUAAN® is being developed with the requirements of the South African government (including catchment management agencies and local authorities) in mind, and will help to take control of water monitoring data (both quantity and quality). It does the quality control and statistical evaluations, and turns verified water monitoring data into scientifically sound graphs designed to meet the specific needs of an organisation. Have a look at the LEGUAAN Factsheet for examples of graphs prepared with LEGUAAN®, and to see what is meant with a responsive dashboard and interactive online graphs that allows the presenting and sharing of results with others.

Carin wants your input: Do you have a particular graph or report table format you like? Want a unique graph or map illustrating specific chemical properties at your site? Need a report on the quality of your data? Looking for a graph that gives 95th percentile compliance, or overall site compliance to specific government agency or site-specific limit values, or compliance with specified monitoring frequencies? Just tell her what you want, and she can programme LEGUAAN® to do it for you.

Contact Carin Bosman without delay (carin@cbss.co.za or 082 803 2384) to talk about your needs!