Green to Gold – How Smart Companies use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage – 2006

Author: D C Esty & A S Winston
Publisher: Yale Uuniversity Press, New Haven
Pages: 366 - HDBK
ISBN: 0300119976

This book is about strategy, motivation and convincing the cynics that environmental management not only saves money, it makes money.

Daniel Esty was present at both the Rio and Johannesburg Summits, as a US EPA official and as an environmental academic and has brought his perceptive insights to bear in the is book. Andrew Winston’s experience as an environmental management consultant blends very well with Esty’s academic and governmental perspectives.

The chapter titles are as stimulating as they are deceptive:- 1 – Eco-Advantage; 2 – Natural Drivers of the Green Wave; 3 – Who’s behind the Green Wave?; 4 – Managing the Downside; 5 – Building the Upside; 6 – The Eco-Advantage Mindset; 7 – Eco-Tracking; 8 – Redesigning your World; 9 – Inspiring an Eco-Advantage Culture; 10 – Why Environmental Initiatives Fail; 11 – Taking Action; and 12 – Eco-Advantage Strategy.

The book is filled with examples, homilies and case studies which illustrate clearly and simply that an environmental imperative in business creates not only an edge but moves operations to a new and more focussed level.

There is so much useful material in this book which can be used at all levels within an organisation. I draw just one as an illustration. The authors highlight the top ten environmental issues that face business:- climate change, energy, water, biodiversity and land use, chemicals; toxics and heavy metals, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, oceans and fisheries, and deforestation. The unspoken challenge in the book to the business reader is, “How many of these that impact your business have YOU addressed?”

Excellent book and thoroughly recommended as readable, practical and a bookshelf must. Really energising in approach and content!