Invaded – The Biological Invasion of South Africa – 2009

Author: Leonie Joubert
Publisher: Wits University Press
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781868144785

 Leonie Joubert writes with a refreshingly clean and uncomplicated style which combines good science and plain, clear communication. It is a pleasure and a privilege to find a book on invasive species that is easily accessible and powerfully compelling.

This book shows how human influences have combined with natural processes to facilitate the rapid colonisation of alien species in ecosystems where they just don’t belong. Ms Joubert chronicles the history of various species, be they birds, plants, sea creatures, trees or cats, and shows graphically the damage that they can cause to local ecosystems.

Convincing people of the dangers of woody tree invaders to our water resources is a tough task but Ms Joubert has successfully simplified and prioritised this important message for all to understand.

The joy of this book is that it can be “dipped into” or read from cover to cover and still provide a riveting read.

This is a must for corporate trainers who need to build clear messages on the impact of invasives into their environmental awareness training courses. The book will also be an excellent read for professionals who will find much value in the vignettes, parables and stories which so effectively support what could have been very dry, dull and boring scientific facts. Don’t miss this one!