Leadership for Sustainability – An Action Research Approach – 2011

Author: J Marshall, G Coleman & P Reason
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield, UK
Pages: 260 - HDBK
ISBN: 13:9781906093594

This book describes the results of teaching leadership and sustainability through an M.Sc. degree course and its successors, and through the stories of the graduates of those courses. It successfully demonstrates what “leadership” and “sustainability” really are and how this practically contributes to life and the business ethic.

It tackles head on, the common question of employers of “what use is a degree practically?” The 29 people whose stories are included contain a wide range of experiences and themes but the common thread running through them all is a recognition of their respective roles and functions (both voluntary and involuntary) as agents of change. I, personally, gained many new insights and perspectives from recognising this vital element.

The sheer variety of career backgrounds and locations of the contributors adds to the depth and range of views and experiences. Careers cover journalism, consulting, laboratory services, academia, charities, NGOs, business, civil service, leisure and sport, to mention but a few. Countries include the UK, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Sweden and Lithuania.

The contributors all discuss the various challenges they were faced with and how they dealt with them and how their training assisted in the problem-solving.

This book is particularly useful to “integrators” and those tasked with managing systems that need to be integrated and optimised, particularly safety, health, environment, quality, sustainability, risk management, and business continuity. It will also be useful for those who are having to put together job descriptions and career paths. A very interesting read.