Requiem for a Species: Why we Resist the Truth about Climate Change – 2010

Author: Clive Hamilton, Alen & Unwin,
Publisher: Crows Nest Australia
Pages: 286 , PBK
ISBN: 978 1 74237 201 5

This is a dark book which thrusts uncomfortable truths down the reader’s throat and then says, “you are going to suffocate”.

Hamilton is the former head of the Australia Institute and a respected intellectual. He sets out with three goals in the book: spell out the facts that lead to the conclusion that it is too late to prevent far reaching changes to the earth’s climate; explain why humanity has failed to respond to the climate change threat: and finally, help the reader to come to terms with “…the implications of the great climate disruption that will unfold this century…”

I found this book a “mentally exciting” read…a bit like being on a roller coaster, but without the safety harness. His, “in your face”, discussions and commentary on denialism make excellent reading and make for healthy, introspective thought.

Directly and indirectly, we are all collectively responsible for many of the woes of climate change because we are (mostly) all unashamed consumerists who collect stuff (with apologies to Annie Leonard). Hamilton makes no bones about dropping that into the reader’s lap to encourage a reaction.

Thoroughly recommended as a popular, factual, well written book to encourage change….change of behaviour and change of thinking. This is a book you take with you on holiday and give yourself a healthy fright before you go back to work.