The Sustainable MBA – The Managers’ Guide to Green Business – 2010

Author: Giselle Weybrecht
Publisher: Wiley Chichester
Pages: 397 HDBK
ISBN: 9780470741146

This excellent, introductory environmental and sustainability text book is not just for managers, it is also very relevant and readable for supervisors, trainers and other industry professionals who need, and want, insights into the topics.

The book is organised into four parts:- Setting the Scene, The Core Topics, Tools, and Wrapping it all Up. The Chapters are further structured into four main areas:- What is important?; The Key Concepts; Challenges; and Trends and New Ideas. This presentation style means the book can either be read from cover to cover or it can be “dipped into”, depending upon the level of knowledge the reader has on the various individual topics. The book is also supported by a thorough and detailed Index which further supports effective “dipping” into the text for specifics and details. Important chapters include:- What is sustainability?; What does it mean for business; Sustainable consumption; Finance; Eco-design; New ideas (e.g. eco-iconic to eco-embedded); What can I do? (as an employer, consumer, citizen); and Additional resources – who, what where and how.

 I particularly liked the section on accounting. Many of our business leaders (i.e. MDs and CEOs) are accountants and this section particularly draws their attention to why sustainability is important, introducing the concept of “score keepers” as an important part of the process chain in applying and successfully implementing sustainability in profitable businesses.

 The book is written in a popular and readable style with plenty of opportunities for questioning, discussion and sources of further information and study.

 Thoroughly recommended for encouraging keen individuals or as a part of a career progression plan for aspiring managers and directors. Experienced professionals will also find this book a useful refresher and updater on the changing facets of the sustainability discipline.