Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking – Theory, Responsibility and Engagement – 2002

Author: Edited by: J Andrif, S Waddock, B Husted and S Rahman.
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing Sheffield, 2002. Hdbk, - Email:- info@greenleaf-publishing.com
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1-874719-52-7

 We have seen a rapid change and widening of scope from “interested and affected parties” to “stakeholders” in the past few years and this is reflected in the literature. Greenleaf have produced an excellent “manual’ of stakeholder theory, practice, engagement thinking and perceptions which should grace the office shelf of any practitioner who works with all or some of the stakeholder sector.

I particularly appreciated the range of charts, tables and concise bullet points in this collection of extended articles. They allow the reader to focus on summarised material, compare it to his or her own experience and evaluate the use for future situations.

Although this book is dense and heavy with facts, it lends itself particularly well to “dipping into” and makes a very useful reference work for the public participation practitioner or the investor relations manager. Highly recommended.