Carbon Footprinting Guide

The Carbon Footprinting Guide is published by Nedbank, in collaboration with Stellenbosch University’s Sustainability Institute. The stated aim of the book is to demystify carbon footprint approaches and help readers grasp the main concepts and assist them in carrying out the actual carbon footprint calculations.

The Guide is broadly broken up into four sections:-

  1. Background,
  2. Applying the Principles,
  3. Case Studies and associated explanation, and
  4. Discussion on consultants and Auditors.

For those who need to seriously look at calculating their carbon footprint, as free giveaways go, this publication is the best available at the present time. The publication does reflect certain biases which one can appreciate given the sponsor and the particular experiences of the authors. As with any technical or profession-related matter of this nature, readers are strongly advised to consult specialists in relation to their own sector and site specific issues and requirements, and not use a publication like this in isolation.

The authors of the Guide are Dr Marco Lotz, Nedbank Group Sustainability Carbon Specialist and Dr Alan Brent, Professor in the Sustainability Programme of the School of Public Leadership of Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.