ICMM – Demonstrating Value – A Guide to Responsible Sourcing

The guide, produced in 2015, examines the context and drivers for responsible sourcing and provides practical guidance and examples on approaches that companies can take to demonstrate that they are producing materials responsibly. Examples of drivers include: climate change, increasing social responsibility expectations of business, and more stringent environmental, health and safety standards and regulations.

Using work undertaken by ICMM, the guide ensures that common sustainable development challenges are considered not only at the mine or metal production facility but throughout the whole value chain.

This approach, termed materials stewardship, was built on the premise that companies have a shared responsibility for the materials that they produce. Demonstrating value focuses on the two complementary sides of the responsible sourcing debate – sustainable procurement and responsible supply.

The guide is organised around four themes that can be summarised as: mapping the value chain, developing programmes and standards; engaging with stakeholders and contributing to knowledge. These topics are supported by case studies that illustrate how the approaches have been successfully applied to create business value and maximise the contribution of companies and materials.

Although aimed at the mining industry, many of the practical suggestions are applicable to other sectors. ICMM’s ten sustainable development principles are particularly useful as high level policy guidelines.

The Guide can be freely downloaded here on the ICMM website.