Waterlight Converts Water into Energy with its Innovative Seawater-Powered Lamp

Posted 3 May 21 By Design Indaba. From the WISA Newsletter – June 2021

An innovation designed to serve communities with no access to electricity, WaterLight makes use of an available natural resource.

According to the United Nations, electricity demand is expected to increase by 70% by 2035. It’s also estimated that fossil fuel reserves will be depleted in the next 52 years. This, in conjunction with the fact that an estimated 840 million people have no access to electricity, calls for new energy solutions. The cordless light converts a natural resource – salt water – into light, thanks to the process of ionization of an electrolyte made up of salt water that transforms the magnesium on the inside into electrical energy. 

WaterLight is a more sustainable solution than solar energy for communities living off the grid. Not only longer lasting, it is also more efficient in that energy delivery is immediate (in contrast to solar lanterns that need to transform the energy) and more reliable (usable even in inclement weather). 
In order to work, it needs to be filled with 500 millilitres of seawater – or urine in emergency situations – to emit up to 45 days of light. It also serves as a rechargeable battery for mobile and electronic devices.

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