Drinking Water Quality Management

Live online training.


Current natural sources of water are constantly exposed to the increasing contaminating factors through modern living and changing circumstances rendering it impure. Dysfunctional sewage plants, acid rain, chemical purification methods and mining activities are a few of the foremost causes for the unhealthy state our water. Instead of being a source of life sustaining, natural organic minerals and trace elements, our water is becoming an ever-increasing hazard to healthy living and is slowly changing our water to become the biggest trigger for various illnesses over time.

This workshop will therefore uncover best mechanisms in managing, assessing as well as maintaining drinking water quality. This workshop, will equip delegates with essential knowledge on how best to treat polluted water and also understand the importance of water sampling. Blue-drop assessment requirements will be discussed together with the standards as well as regulation and legislation to be complied with.


Understanding the importance of continuous monitoring and assessment of drinking water quality

Gaining insight into the current blue-drop requirements

Determining water pollution control measures

Learning solutions to challenges faced while maintaining and improving a robust, high quality drinking water system

Examining current methods and uncovering what can be done differently to maintain high quality drinking water

For more information see the brochure:Drinking Water Quality Management